We Love Repple! (XRP)


Japan had a consecutive holiday in May.

We went for a golf trip to Hawaii by 4 people.

Before departure, good information on virtual coin “Ripple” entered, so we bought a lot of “Ripple”!

Waikiki Beach

Golf course of ladybug mark and sunflower mark.
It is a specialty course of Hawaii.

In such a beautiful scenery, the story was only about HYIP and virtual coin. Haha


Meanwhile, Ripple climbs up!
Do not you think it is a really beautiful chart?

I am surprised to keep going up smoothly even after I return home!
How far this continues is where the god knows,
We are planning to hold till till August.

Among the many virtual coins, Ripple is not only the more specific information that is more specific.

As information at the present time,

· May BB decided to adopt ripple.
· May start handling of ripple at exchanges in Korea and India.
· June – July entry of SBI’s exchange. (Scheduled to handle Ripple from July to August)
· International remittance using August ripple is scheduled.

Although this is the latest information, it seems that Ripple has decided to freeze 55 billion XRP which was rumored before.


It is possible to say virtual coins in general, but deployment is earlier than I thought.

If you care about the bit coin, it is 200,000 yen, if you notice the ripple, it is 40 yen.

When saying what happened to the ripple charged before leaving Japan,

Oh my God!

As you can see it is ripple only!

Well ~ I will come soon!

Of course I will go HYIP!

We are currently considering how to invest surplus funds in HYIP.

Is it Biksbit or OIL-UAE or a new project?

New projects will be introduced soon in our blog! see you.

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